Get educated quickly on important topics such as writing accessible emails, writing meaningful alternative text, and much more with our self-paced, short-form lessons. Level Access has crafted these lessons to help students digest useful information without the stress of taking a test and passing a longer course. These topics provide key information regarding specific areas in accessibility which can provide students a useful head start before consuming the rest of our more in-depth courses in Access University. 

PLEASE NOTE: There are no final exams for our quick-starts lessons in accessibility. As such, there are no certificates of completion awarded to students.

The Accessibility Basics and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) lesson introduces users to what SVGs are and discusses areas where SVGs would be useful for organizations. This course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

This lesson covers the best practices for creating accessible emails for people with disabilities. This course takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
This course was designed for content editors and content creators with the goal of delivering tips for writing meaningful ALT text. This course takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

In this quick-start lesson, we go over the basics to ensure compliance with the new WCAG 2.1 standards. We cover the goals, facts and the decisions behind updating WCAG 2.0. This course takes approximately 25 minutes to complete.

The lesson covers supported standards, structure, and best practices for using the VPAT reporting format to report on accessibility conformance. This course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.